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Cono Sur Bicicleta Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml

A beautiful ruby red color. It has an intense nose displaying red fruits such as plum and raspberry with notes of cacao, tobacco and mocha. Full on the palate with silky, balanced and juicy tannins

Cono Sur Bicicleta Chardonnay 750ml

Exuberant and complex, this wine conveys refreshing citrus aromas, fruity notes of white peaches and mineral hints. In mouth, complex fruity flavors mingle in with lovely mineral notes.

Cono Sur Bicicleta Merlot 750ml

A plum-red dark and intense wine. Aromas of black fruit and soft hints of sweet toasted oak. The palate surprises with its excellent structure, balanced acidity, fruity intensity and pleasantly ripe tannins.

Cono Sur Bicicleta Pinot Noir 750ml

Rich fruit notes of cherry, raspberry, plum and strawberry enhanced by subtle smoked hints. In mouth sweet fruit notes stand out, and its fine tannins give it a great texture and a mouth filling structure.

Cono Sur Bicicleta Pinot Noir Rose' 750ml

a bright, clean, elegant rosewood coloring. There is a full expression of fresh fruit reminiscent of cherry, strawberry, raspberry and forest berries present in the nose whereas on the palate this wine is fresh and juicy with good acidity and balance.

Cono Sur Bicicleta Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

Citrus notes of grapefruit and green apple mingle in with herbal hints. In mouth, its freshness and balance stand out in particular, along with its citric notes and pleasant mineral ending.

Cono Sur Organic Pinot Noir 750ml

Quite appealing with its rich, deep red color, this wine has a complex and developed nose that is governed by sweet wild fruit aromas, where notes of cherries and berries are enhanced by slight toasty hints. This Pinot definitely has a personality of its own; it's tasteful, with soft tannins and an excellent structure.

Cono Sur Organic Red Blend 750ml

A certified organic deep colored wine, with violet hues. In the nose, displays aromas of red fruits and plum. It has good acidity, soft tannins and good persistency.

Cono Sur Silencio Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml

Delicious aromas of red fruits, berries, violet and cassis, along with oak and hints of tobacco and ash. The palate has a great balance and concentration with smooth, seductive tannins and a long finish.

La Nena Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml

Thick skins lead to classicly high tannins, and strong red and black fruit-forward characteristics on both the nose and palate.

La Nana Malbec 750ml

Is a deep purple, full-bodied wine that is a classic crowd pleaser. It's known for its big fruit, earthy tones and silky mouthfeel.

La Nena Merlot 750ml

Full-bodied yet gentle, relatively low in alcohol yet with a bracing acidity, and it often has a divisive ?green? characteristic to it.

Vina Maipo Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml

It is a smooth, ruby red wine with an aroma of red fruit and delicious nuances of vanilla and chocolate.

Vina Maipo Chardonnay 750ml

Pale yellow fruity with hints of peace, refreshing and semi dry

Vina Maipo Merlot 750ml

It is a beautiful ruby red wine, with a sweet plum aroma, coffee and chocolate notes, a smooth and fresh flavor and a long aftertaste.